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Connect, Care & Write!
Paper-Roses Postcard Sets

Now you can send your love and share your dreams in aid of Plastic Free Seas on a Paper-Roses for Plastic Free Seas postcard.

Paper-Roses is all about timeless simplicity and sharing beautiful, sustainable art. For 2020, Penny, the founder and artist at Paper-Roses has produced three stunning and poignant pieces of art which highlight the effects of the plastic pollution crisis on our local marine species. These have been turned into postcards that highlight the simple acts we can all undertake to reduce our reliance on single use plastics and have a big impact on our plastic-polluted waters.

These postcards are beautiful to send or to keep as artwork, and if you would like to find out more about the campaign go to http://plasticfreeseas.org/postcards-by-paper-roses.html

Proceeds from the sale of the postcards will be used to support the Plastic Free Seas education programme in Hong Kong schools. Teaching the next generation about the plastic waste crisis and empowering students with solutions to bring in waves of change is a fundamental part of the plastic solution.

Postcards will be shipped within one week.